Enjy Fouad: Bringing Unique European Designs to Vancouver Homes

Enjy Fouad, a Vancouver-based entrepreneur, has always been captivated by the beauty of textiles, furniture, and architecture. Growing up in Cairo, Egypt, she was surrounded by the craftsmanship of skilled artisans, which left a lasting impression on her creative spirit. This passion led her to launch The Coveted Story, an online furniture and art gallery, in 2022.

The Coveted Story offers a curated selection of ceramics, furniture, and collectible items sourced from European artisans. Fouad aims to bring unique and one-of-a-kind pieces to the homes of Vancouver residents. However, she plans to expand her collection to include smaller home decor and accessories, such as kitchen and bathroom items, bedding, and bathrobes.

What inspired Fouad to start The Coveted Story? According to her, the pandemic played a significant role. In 2022, with people spending more time at home, there was a growing demand for home renovations and distinctive furniture pieces. Fouad felt that many retailers in Vancouver offered similar designs, mostly leaning towards mid-century modern styles. She wanted to break away from these trends and introduce pieces that were truly unique and not widely replicated.

Fouad’s love for European architecture further influenced her choices. Having always been fascinated by Europe, she began reaching out to designers across the continent to source their work. The Coveted Story became a platform for sharing the stories behind each piece and the journey of the artists and artisans she represents.

Collaboration is at the core of Fouad’s approach. She works closely with buyers to help them choose fabrics, colors, and even modify pieces to create a truly personalized experience. Artists like Arthur Vallin and Roxane Lahidji offer customization options, allowing buyers to select their preferred materials and designs.

In addition to European brands like Hands-on Design, the Collector Group, and FAINA, Fouad envisions expanding her gallery to represent Canadian artists who create exceptional pieces. The Coveted Story has already gained popularity among art and design enthusiasts in Vancouver, and Fouad is excited to bring her unique offerings to the cities of Montreal, Toronto, and beyond.

Enjy Fouad’s passion for providing her community with distinctive, European-inspired designs has made The Coveted Story a go-to destination for those seeking to add a touch of individuality to their homes.

Preguntas frecuentes (FAQ) sobre The Coveted Story:

1. ¿Qué es The Coveted Story?
The Coveted Story es una galería de muebles y arte en línea que ofrece una selección cuidadosamente curada de cerámicas, muebles y artículos coleccionables de artesanos europeos.

2. ¿Quién es Enjy Fouad?
Enjy Fouad es una emprendedora con sede en Vancouver y fundadora de The Coveted Story. Su pasión por los textiles, los muebles y la arquitectura la llevó a lanzar esta galería en línea en 2022.

3. ¿Por qué Enjy Fouad decidió empezar The Coveted Story?
Enjy Fouad decidió iniciar The Coveted Story debido a la creciente demanda de renovaciones en el hogar y piezas de mobiliario distintivas durante la pandemia. Quería ofrecer diseños únicos y no ampliamente replicados, rompiendo con las tendencias predominantes en Vancouver.

4. ¿Qué tipo de productos ofrece The Coveted Story?
The Coveted Story ofrece una amplia gama de productos, que incluyen cerámicas, muebles y artículos coleccionables. En el futuro, también planea expandir su colección para incluir elementos de decoración del hogar más pequeños, como utensilios de cocina, artículos para el baño, ropa de cama y batas de baño.

5. ¿Cómo colabora The Coveted Story con los compradores?
The Coveted Story se enfoca en brindar una experiencia personalizada a sus compradores. Enjy Fouad trabaja estrechamente con ellos para ayudarles a elegir telas, colores e incluso modificar piezas según sus preferencias. Algunos artistas ofrecen opciones de personalización para seleccionar materiales y diseños.

6. ¿Qué marcas y artistas representa The Coveted Story?
Además de marcas europeas como Hands-on Design, the Collector Group y FAINA, Enjy Fouad tiene la visión de representar a artistas canadienses que crean piezas excepcionales. La galería ya ha ganado popularidad entre los entusiastas del arte y el diseño en Vancouver, y Fouad espera llevar sus ofertas únicas a ciudades como Montreal, Toronto y más allá.

Para más información, puedes visitar el sitio web oficial de The Coveted Story: www.thecovetedstory.com